Instagram of the Week: Mr. Boo, The Curious Ghost Haunting The Streets of Spain

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Who: Mr. Boo is a curious ghost that has taken to the streets of Spain, managing to be very photogenic while he’s out there haunting. Mr. Boo isn’t trying to be spooky, he just wants to lurk around and look at pretty things – sounds like a lot of people I know. Mr. Boo told Instagram, “Of course I am a real ghost…If I were a normal person I wouldn’t be wearing a sheet.” There you have it.

Why You Should Follow: Instagram is a pretty rad platform to see all sorts of spectrums of creation, and a sheet ghost wandering around Barcelona is not something I’ve personally ever seen. What’s most captivating is that the photos are actually really beautiful and haunting in the sense that Mr. Boo is always the only other being in the photo, amongst many different landscapes around Barcelona and cities in Spain.

Sample Photos:

Un susto más y para casa. #buenasnoches #barcelona #goodnight #ghost #fridaythe13th

A photo posted by Mr. Boo ( on