Instagram of the Week: Neil Patrick Harris Drinks A Lot of Margaritas and Lives To Tell The Tale

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Twitter: @danieluh

As I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m wrapped up burrito-style on my couch as most of the Midwest and Northeast is getting pummeled by a POLAR VORTEX. And while today we are struggling with these extreme North Pole winds, some lucky people are kicking back on vacation and holding margarita drinking contests with themselves via Instagram.


Who: Actor Neil Patrick Harris took to his Twitter and Instagram to document just how many margaritas he could handle on his last day of vacationing with his family in Mexico. And things went just as you think they would after drinking 17 of them…

Why You Should Follow Him: Because, admit it, tequila-induced intoxication is one of the funniest/bizarre things on Earth and we love these photos almost as much as we love the borrachos dancing to Un Rayo De Sol.

Sample Photos:

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