Instagram of the Week: Oscar Nominated Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki

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Twitter: @danieluh

Did Gravity and Y Tu Mama Tambien blow you away with the exquisite shots and photography? Emmanuel Lubezki is the man behind the lens.


Who: We recently posted some little known facts about Mexican cinematographer, Emmanuel Lubezki, and it seems like his Instagram has long been a mystery in itself. It was only recently that fans began to uncover his feed(he was mentioned by fellow cinematographer in NYT.) Although nominated six times for his genius work (once again this year for Gravity,) Lubezki has yet to win the coveted trophy, but after watching Gravity‘s one take,12-minute opening scene, we think this might finally be his year.

Why You Should Follow Him: Because along with Alfonso Cuarón, he is behind the lens creating some of the most breath-taking scenes in cinema history. By following his feed, you get to see how his innate visual instincts transfer into photography through simple details in nature, light beams, and portraits. His captions offer very little information or explanation to the photo, but he often posts images from the sets of his films, letting you into the world of one of the best cinematographers in the game.

Sample Photos:

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