Instagram of the Week: Penny De Los Santos

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Ever wondered how life is like for an award-winning food and travel photographer? You can get a glimpse into the world through Penny De Los Santos’ Instagram to find out!


Who: Raised in Texas, Penny De Los Santos is an award-winning internationally published photographer, who has traveled throughout most of the U.S. and over 3o countries on assignment. Self described as being “obsessed with the crossroad where people, culture and food connect,” Penny has photographed for prestigious publications such as National Geographic and Time Magazine and is well known for her extensive work in documenting Tejano culture.

Why You Should Follow Her: Food and travel, need we say more? Perhaps nothing inspires us all more than a beautiful and delicious meal and exotic locales. She covers every spectrum of worldly delicacies, from a “hoof soup” in India, wild fennel in Ecuador, to home-cooked meals with her friends in Brooklyn. Her photos capture those simple moments and ideas that bind us all together, regardless of background.

Sample Photos:



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