Instagram of the Week: Peruvian Fashion Blogger Luanna Perez of Le Happy

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Twitter: @danieluh

Luanna’s style is a little grungey, a little witchy, and a lot of amazing.


Who: Luanna Perez-Garreaud is a fashion blogger from Lima, Peru who is currently studying fashion merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Her blog, Le Happy, has made her one of the most followed fashionistas in the scene, and her penchant for all black everything has made her the queen of the grunge/goth look. She also is proud of her Peruvian heritage, saying, “I loved that I grew up in a city that offers so much cultural richness. You can find so many inspiring things, such as gorgeous artisan pieces and beautiful architecture with a huge cultural past and great bohemian corners to get lost.”

Why You Should Follow Her: I love black clothes and I love the 90s. So I obviously think you should follow her if you’re into the grunge-angsty-90s-rock-chick thing too. She is always impeccably dressed and often shops vintage and thrift, and her creativity with pieces is most inspiring(because you too can look that good in a Rolling Stones tee, right?) She’s just really stylish, super hot, and has good taste in music and I want to be friends with her so, that’s all I gotta say about that.

Sample Photos:

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