Instagram of the Week: Phoenix Artist Ashley Macias

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In honor of our new city Remezcla Phoenix, we’re highlighting the Instagram of Phoenix based muralist, Ashley Macias.


Who: Ashley Macias is a Phoenix based artist who has been livening up the Phoenix art scene in the past few years. Her sketching technique, bold line work, and organic themes have captured the attention of enthusiasts far beyond Phoenix. For the past 2 years, she’s been a part of the TRASHed exhibit at Coachella, which allows artists to beautify trash bins throughout the festival in their signature style.

Why You Should Follow Her: Ashley’s work is unique in its precise line work and her drawings of natural environments and organic matter, which she brings to life on paper. She captures fluid movement beautifully, often contrasted with exciting color palettes. Ashley is part of the fabric of the local art scene, so it’s awesome to jump in and see the other artists/friends she works with and features on her feed. She is passionate about growing the scene and tells Phoenix New Times, “As an art community, we need to make stronger connections to utilize and engage the right buyers and resources. Phoenix is just too big a city not to love.”

Sample Photos:

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