Instagram of the Week: Photographer Jaime Rojo of Brooklyn Street Art

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Get a comprehensive look at the newest pieces of street art and the people behind them with Brooklyn Street Art.


Who: The man behind the lens is Jaime Rojo, co-founder and Director of Photography over at the actual blog, Brooklyn Street Art. Jaime Rojo and other co-founder, Steve Harrington, are known experts of the ever evolving street art scene. Together they have released two books on the subject of the explosion of street art in NYC, so we trust what they’ve got to say.

Why You Should Follow Him: As he explains in his Insta bio, ┬áhe is set on “leading a conversation about art in the streets of NYC and worldwide.” NYC has recently been a hot spot for the street art world, most recently with Los Muros Hablan taking over El Barrio and showcasing talent from all over Latin America. And because you probably can’t spend all day roaming the streets looking for freshly painted art, Rojo keeps you ahead of the game on what’s happening in your neighborhood and around the globe.

Sample Photos:

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