Instagram of the Week: Photographer Luis Cobelo

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Luis Cobelo is a globe-trotting photographer, now focused on documenting the extensive beauty of Latin America.


Who: Luis Cobelo is a Venezuelan award-winning photographer, who has shot all over the world for the most prestigious international publications. He has now set his efforts to being Chief Editor of LAT Photo Magazine, the first online magazine of documentary photography shot exclusively in Latin America by Latin American photographers.

Why You Should Follow Him: To get an up close and personal look at the lives of diverse people in Latin America. He takes vibrant, yet poignant snaps of the mundane, the strange, the beautiful, and the forgotten. He also often creates hashtag photo projects on his Instagram, the most recent being #EuSouFutebol, in which he takes portraits of Brazilians of all social classes and backgrounds displaying their passion, soccer.

Sample Photos:

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