Instagram of the Week: Rossy De Palma

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Rossy De Palma is a Spanish actress that lives a life which can be described in one word- fabulous.


Who: Rossy De Palma came to the film screen after the legendary Pedro Almodovar noticed her striking, interesting look at a cafe in Madrid, and the rest is history. He began casting her in his films, most notably The Law of Desire and Woman On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown. She is currently a theatre actress and also the face of many luxury fashion brands, constantly breaking the mold of beauty.

Why You Should Follow Her: Rossy has been described as a Picasso painting come to life, and after taking a peek at her photos, it couldn’t be more true. She is a true artist with an incredible eye, and mingles with the most talented designers, musicians, and film stars at the most exotic locales. Plus, she has incredible style and it’s fun to check out her next amazing headpiece or designer gown she’s rocking in some gorgeous garden somewhere. Oh, the life.

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