Instagram of the Week: Spanish Interactive Art Director ayjoselitoo

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Twitter: @danieluh

I guess I really, really like this whole ‘minimal’ Instagram trend going on (and so do a lot of people.)


Who: All I could gather from @ayjoselitoo‘s account was that he is an Interactive Art Director from Valencia, Spain. That title sounds like a fancy way of saying that he has a really good eye, and I agree as many of his images blur the lines of reality and fantasy.

Why You Should Follow Him: Springtime is so near, and with his precise color palette and images, you can almost see and feel the lightness. The colors tend to stay in the pastel territory, and he often posts minimal photos, geometric facades and pretty rad collages. He also has a way of framing images that make you question how far he went with editing, or whether he just got lucky enough to snap that shot.

Sample Photos:

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