Instagram of the Week: Style Scrapbook

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Twitter: @AndreaGompf

Suzy Menkes of the NY Times recently wrote a vaguely bitchy article about the proliferation of fashion bloggers and their role in changing the way we consume and conceive of style. Snidely referring to bloggers as “the celebrity circus of people who are famous for being famous,” she asks “If fashion is for everyone, is it fashion?” Sounds to me like the former arbiters of good taste are a little pissy about the way internet is democratizing their industry. I, for one, love a good style blog, and am far more interested in the ways they depict “everyday fashion” than I am in looking at pictures of unattainable runway collections in some of our more established big media fashion publications. So, in that spirit, this week we are highlighting Mexican style blogger Andy Torres as our Instagram of the Week.


Who: Style Scrapbook is the brainchild of Mexican blogger and It-girl Andy Torres. Recently selected to be the face of Mango’s campaigns, Torres has appeared in countless fashion mags and sites, where she’s frequently praised for her girl-next-door charm.

Why You Should Follow Them: For style inspiration – particularly learning to nail the art of high/low dressing. Torres manages to put outfits together from affordable mass-market chains like Zara, Mango & H&M, and mix them with one or two higher-end pieces to give her overall look that enviable “I’m put together and I didn’t even try that hard” vibe. Her instagram showcases her style, the places she visits (she currently resides in Amsterdam), and the ways she translates the catwalk trends into her own unique look.

Sample photos:

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