Instagram of the Week: Survey the Landscapes of Phoenix, Remezcla’s New City Guide!

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In case you haven’t heard yet (which means you’re not checking our Facebook page enough…tsk tsk), Remezcla is heading to the subtropical desert climates of Phoenix! We figured it’s about time we give some love to the southwest – where plenty of latin underground culture has been cooking – and we’re excited to dive into the saguaro scene. And so, in honor of the forthcoming Remezcla Phoenix, today our Instagram of the Week is an homage to the city.


Who: One of our favorite Instagram communities, Instagramers, brings together people from various cities and countries to share their hashtagged photos of their fair city. We’ve gone to Peru, Brazil, Colombia but it’s about time for Remezcla to spread out across the United States, this time with our new site launch in Phoenix.

Why You Should Follow Them: Because we’re super stoked to head out to the Southwest and find out where the freshest local Latin scene is brewing. And you know us, that is what we’re all about. IGersPHX is the community of photographers from Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa and surrounding cities, dedicated to sharing photos of the local food, people, culture, and landscape, which is pretty breathtaking. We kind of can’t wait to wander around the desert- New York, we love you, but these skyscrapers are bringing us down.

Sample Photos:

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