Instagram of the Week: The Photos of Minimalist Industrial Designer Domingo Por La Tarde

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Twitter: @danieluh

Sometimes your eyes need a nice, calming little break.


Who: We don’t know Domingo’s full name, but we do know that he is an industrial designer in Mexico and his super precise eye and style is a strong theme throughout his entire feed. He uses subdued palettes, filters and scenery to create minimal and striking photos.

Why You Should Follow Him: His photos are poignant, calming and carefully curated to create a super chill mood. He often takes photos of the sky or large open spaces with just the smallest amount of detail to make everyday objects and locations in nature look like pieces of art. He also photographs loads of sun-drenched beach days and palm trees, and that’s all i’m dreaming about up here in NYC right now. We’re sure you are, too.
Sample Photos:

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