Instagram of the Week: Welcome To The Dollhouse of Singer Melanie Martinez

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Who: Melanie Martinez is a singer/songwriter who, yes, got her first break on the third season of The Voice, but I promise she is way cooler than that. Martinez is a Puerto Rican/ Dominican girl from Baldwin, New York who’s become one of the most popular contestants ever from show. It’s not hard to see why. She’s got a beautifully unique voice, amazing style and is a Latina artist who is not constrained to one genre.

Why You Should Follow:  If you have a thing for whimsical, witchy singers, Melanie is for you. She writes all her music, does her own wardrobe and builds the sets for her videos – and she’s hot off the release of her first album, Cry Baby. Plus she is a super babe with an amazingly curated Instagram that brings you into her whimsical fantasy world. It’s rad to see a Latina pop singer doing big things in the mainstream, so keep an eye out on this girl.

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