Instagram of the Week: Follow the Delicious Trail of Tacos with José Ralat

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Who: Jose Ralat-Maldonado has made a living off of tasting and reviewing tacos on his blog, Taco Trail, which makes him my own personal hero. He is based in Dallas, Texas but began his career in Sunset Park, Brooklyn in a neighborhood heavily influenced by Mexican, Puerto Rican and Chinese cuisine. There, he began informal taco tours with his friends, and started a blog for the Dallas Observer. He is currently the Food Editor at Cowboys & Indians Magazine. Yep, that’s a thing.

Why You Should Follow Him: Is there a reason beyond lots and lots of photos of tacos? His journey of uncovering the best tacos in the country (and soon, world) have led him from New York City to San Diego to Mexico City, so this is a great resource for any taco lover suffering from wanderlust and a rumbling belly.

Sample Photos:

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Almuerzo con mi amor, Jessica.

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