Instagram(s) of the Week: Get An Inside Look At Daily Life in La Habana, Cuba

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While the Cuban government lifted a ban on cell phones in 2008, for most Cubans, smart phones and 3G networks represent an unattainable expense. That means we don’t often get to see the country represented on social media. Which is why these two accounts by Americans documenting their lives in Havana, Cuba are such a rare glimpse of the city through the insta-lens. We couldn’t choose just one so here’s our first double feature:

@cubareporter @low843

Who: Patrick Oppmann is an international CNN correspondent who has been living in Havana for two years with his family. Michael Petit is a photographer also living in Havana who focuses on a lot of the architecture and street scenes of the city.

Why You Should Follow Them: Both of the Instagrams allow people from all over the world to have an inside look into one of the most unseen and misunderstood countries in the world. They reveal the simple beauty of the everyday life in Cuba – a life that is not often represented on social media (not to mention the intricate architectures and the cars!) Says Oppmann of shooting street scenes, “Havana is a very spontaneous city and I always try and have a camera at the ready. Some of my favorite photographs are of things I happened to catch out of the corner of my eye.” Both photographers capture unique moments and stories of the Cuban people that are waiting to be shared!

Sample Photos:

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