10 Best Instagram Accounts of 2013

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2013 marks our first full year of our Instagram of the Week column, and we thought we’d take a little walk down memory lane to showcase our personal and reader favorites from the year, which has included photographers,artists, fashion bloggers, foodies, cats with eyebrows, #TBT Selena photos and all the things we love on the internet. These accounts have inspired us, awoken our inner wanderlust, made us reminisce and made us cry(of the feels and bouts of laughter.) With the growing popularity of Instagram, its given people of all talents an opportunity to share their lives and passions, and that’s something we will always stand behind.

10. Susana Blasco

We love Susana Blanco‘s mixed media pieces, often re-inventing antique photos by adding her own distinct textures through collaging.

9.Penny De Los Santos

Penny De Los Santos is an award winning travel and food photographer, and lives the life we dream of because, food and travel.

8.Sam Has Eyebrows

We didn’t have too much to say last time except that Sam has eyebrows and he always looks concerned and he’s just so precious.

7. Mateo Rojas Perez

Mateorito travels from Medellin to Cartagena , and every city in between, to capture the essence of the people and the landscapes of the beautiful Colombia.

6. Jaime Rojo

Jaime Rojo is the photographer behind Brooklyn Street Art, which documents the ever evolving street art culture happening in BK and beyond.

5. Fab Ciraolo

Fab Ciraolo‘s works are vibrant and controversial, drawing historical icons as he imagines they could look like today: as chain-smoking Justice and Vampire Weekend fans.

4. Luis Cobelo

Luis Cobelo is a renowned Venezuelan photographer who is devoted to supporting fellow Latin American photographers and truly displaying the diverse beauty of Latin America.

3. Andrea Guerra Flores

Andrea Guerra Flores creates a beautifully dreamy world through her Instagram, making each shot seem poignant, nostalgic and calming- even if it’s only a tea cup and a plate of avocados. She just got the eye to make the simple things look so good.

2. Anna Leti Cohen

Anna Leti Cohen‘s feed reminds us why Brazil is often the destination of everyone’s dreams. She captures it all-the beaches, the beautiful people, the sunsets and more- and brings this gorgeous land to life for those of us stuck in the wintry tundras of NYC (or anywhere that’s not Rio, for that matter.)

1. Mauricio de la Garza

Perhaps our most unanimous pick for Instagram of the Year is from Mauricio de la Garza of the blog Mal de Mar. His stunning travel photos take us to all the corners of the world, and I don’t know about you, but I love to live vicariously through him and see where on the globe he will end up next.