Interview: Trek6

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Miami is in the midst of a cultural revolution and it is taking hold of local talent everywhere by storm. Proactive in all his efforts, Miami-based graffiti artist, Trek6, is at the forefront of this movement. Influenced by a Puerto Rican urban upbringing, Trek was constantly surrounded by a supportive artistic environment, namely from his grandmother who ensured he would be artistically mentored throughout his childhood. Moving back to Miami 3 years ago, Trek became heavily submersed in street art. Many graffiti artists experience only a transient moment of spontaneous fame based around mystery, before they build enough momentum to be commonly known or commercialized. “I’m not expecting this to last too long,” Trek acknowledges. “That’s why you have to enjoy it while it’s there.” Never focusing on the branding aspect of the art of tagging, he has instead chosen to emphasize the attitude of it all, emphasizing the “story point of view rather than the name.”

Rooted with a competitive nature, Trek knows the meaning and importance of surrounding himself with talented and driven individuals in order to further elevate his artistic expression. “My focus is not about me […] I am very proactive, and I see things cultivating in this community that I want to help move forward,” Trek asserts. And that is no wonder, seeing as how he is no stranger to collaboration. This year, Art Basel will host The Co11ective, a satellite event that will feature eleven live painters, each carefully selected by Trek and his manager and partner, Lizzie Easton. Taking place at The Kohn Compound in the heart of Wynwood’s Art District, the event will also feature live music, ensuring it to be an unforgettable, sensory experience. He is also set to showcase a live mural painting for The 1st Year Anniversary of The Stage on November 11th, as well as live painting at the Bayside Rock Festival on November 19th.

While this marks a pinnacle year for Miami and its street art, Trek remains composed and realistic. “I try not to get excited too easily,” Trek explains, “I’m very inquisitive.” Trek believes that we will finally see if Miami can genuinely contend with other cities rich in street art, like LA, San Francisco, and Barcelona…or just fall back. “I don’t think that’s what will happen,” Trek affirms. It is clear that he acknowledges the potential of all his work, but also recognizes that a movement can only advance if people take a proactive stance together. “I don’t have a singular message in my work, really. It’s free flowing and in the moment. Each work is so engagingly different. But I do urge everyone to just be proactive. Just pay attention.” There is always exciting things happening which are constantly adding energy and momentum to the gradually growing buzz above the Miami art scene. Don’t blink—you might miss it.