Introducing Felix – Argentinian Casual wear with a twist!

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Felix is a company based in Argentina that specials in casual menswear. Their latest lookbook features a very vibrant assortment of graphic t-shirts, sweaters, shorts, jackets, hoodies, button-ups, jeans, and many other pieces. Felix seems to blend very casual pieces with more sophisticated ones throughout their current collection and judging by previous lookbooks, this is not an accident. The company’s warm blend of t-shirts (which come in colors more synonymous with spring and summer) reflect their Latin American aesthetic by featuring a variety of skulls and Spanish text.

The designers at Felix definitely are not afraid of incorporating prints or making outfits that look like they would be made for cool dads from the 90s. The brand also incorporates several traditional patterns that cater to the Latin American consumer including stripes and plaid (which are grunged up a bit) as they are sprinkled throughout their looks this season.

It’s worth noting that Felix doesn’t just stick to apparel, they also make really interesting shoes and accessories for men too. Many of these accessories and shoes mirror trends that have become popular in the US and in Europe, putting them on par with the two regions that have been currently dominating the men’s fashion scene. You might be wondering where you can find these lovely goods but unfortunately you’ll have to do some traveling; the company only has retail locations in Argentina and Chile,   but we wouldn’t be surprised if a store popped up outside of Latin America in the near future. Looking on the brightside (we mean that figuratively and literally), Felix currently has an exclusive sock line at New York’s infamous Opening Ceremony, check it out here.

Check out their latest promotional video for the Spring/Summer collection below!

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