This LA Event Is Bringing Central American Twitter Together IRL

Lead Photo: Photo by Juanmonino/E+
Photo by Juanmonino/E+
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For Central Americans, finding spaces that are uniquely their own is challenging. It’s why in the last few years the Central American community has congregated under #CentralAmericanTwitter, which has evolved from an online space to one that exists IRL. This weekend, several of the group’s most prominent online voices – Zaira Miluska from Central American Art & Beauty, Yeiry GuevaraVictor Interiano of Dichos de un Bicho, and Radio No Jodás co-hosts Gloria Figueroa and Henry Nicia – will provide a riveting and necessary discussion about being Central American. Titled Isthmus Roots: A Celebration of Central American Creativity & Storytelling, the May 26 event will be like nothing that’s ever existed.

“We have not seen an event like this before, so we thought, why not build it ourselves,” writer and multimedia artist Guevara told Remezcla in an email. “The intention is to essentially bring the solidarity and the compassion from #CentralAmericanTwitter into in-person community building. We created this event to reinforce positive affirmation of identity through dynamic conversation.”

The event will take place at Eastside Café, 5469 Huntington Dr N in Los Angeles, a venue that can accommodate 50-60 people. And just like #CentralAmericanTwitter, the event intends to capture as many voices and experiences as possible. The organizers have tapped musicians, comics creators, zinesters, art curators, and academics with ties to different parts of the isthmus. The panel will feature A. Sarr, Breena Nuñez Peralta, Brigette Lugo, Nicole Ramsey, Tamika Burgess, Guevara, and Miluska.

“As the organizers, we hope the attendees gain a sense of visibility and representation,” Guevara added. “Not only in terms of Central American identity but also to model various career paths and creative endeavors. There’s a certain sense of healing created when our community comes together to celebrate each other’s journey. We want to facilitate that as well as create a safe space for people to have fun meeting each other.”

 Isthmus Roots: A Celebration of Central American Creativity & Storytelling will take place on May 26 at Eastside Café, 5469 Huntington Dr N, Los Angeles, California 90032 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Learn more here.