Ivy Queen or Amanda Lepore?

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I am flipping channels and have to stop at Mun2 because I believe my eyes just saw Amanda Lepore in this Latin music channel… but double take, triple take…. to my surprise it was Ivy Queen, la Caballota herself, in her video “Dime.”

I had to investigate if Amanda was Ivy’s artistic image inspiration or what. Both Divas with a capital D, both plastic, and I just found out that both have dolls made to their image, with sausage lips and football-sized breasts included. Ivy Queen’s doll is set to come out this Navidades with the help of the Bratz doll company, just in time for the Reyes Magos.

The similarities don’t stop there, while Amanda Lepore’s first plastic surgery was when she (he) was 15, and Ivy’s in her thirties, both had plastic surgery while attending high-school. Yes, Ivy Queen vowed in 2008 to finish and get her diploma after 15 years of absence. Online classes or not, no word yet on her completion…

Now the question is, should Amanda get La Caballota’s five inch fingernails with earrings? Son divas, pero no delincuentes.