How Much Are You Ready To Pay for J Balvin’s McDonald’s Inspired Jewelry?

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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The J Balvin McDonald’s partnership is the meal that keeps on giving. Besides the branded pairing of a Big Mac, medium fries, and an Oreo McFlurry that’s flying off the grills of your local McD’s, Balvin has already revealed a line of exclusive merch to go with the historic pairing. Now the merch has leveled up the swag factor thanks to the addition of iced out jewelry to the mix.

José B. has teamed up with Saint Jewels to bring us bling out versions of the burger, fries and dessert featured on his partnership with the fast food titan that you can wear around your neck. Each piece is 14-karat gold and encrusted with black diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. The set is valued at $150,000.

According to a story on Complex, jewelry designer Gerard Alexander had to finish the designs in less than a week to meet the demands of Balvin and his friend and consultant, Michael Camargo. Camargo came across Alexander’s work when a friend gifted him a Saint Jewels chain. Coincidentally, Alexander worked briefly at a McDonald’s when he was younger.

The three pieces will be sold exclusively through NTWRK, an e-commerce platform aimed at Gen Z and Millennials. To get a chance to purchase the bling, fans can apply to a drawing through NTWRK’s app on a day for each of the three items. For 24 hours, fans can enter the draw where one lucky winner will have the chance to purchase the jewelry piece of the day.

The draws start Wednesday, October 21. You can check out the schedules below:

Big Mac Chain
Draw Open: 10/21 @ Noon PST
Draw Close: 10/22 @ Noon PST
Date Winner Will Be Announced: 10/22 @ 3pm PST
Drawing Price: $10

Fries Chain
Draw Open: 10/22 @ Noon PST
Draw Close: 10/23 @ Noon PST
Date Winner Will Be Announced: 10/23 @ 3pm PST
Drawing Price: $10

Mc Flurry Chain
Draw Open: 10/23 @ Noon PST
Draw Close: 10/24 @ Noon PST
Date Winner Will Be Announced:10/24 @ 3pm PST