J Lo Basically Implies that Marc Anthony is Fugs

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J Lo has had a busy month. With her starring turn in so-bad-it-might-actually-be-good The Boy Next Door (now in theaters), and another film Lila & Eve set to premiere at Sundance, she’s been been making the publicity rounds (and continuing to confound modern science with her inability to physically age).

Last night, she appeared on Bravo, where Andy Cohen asked her a bunch of questions about her love life. When describing her taste in men, she took the opportunity to casually disrespect her exes: “I’m not, like, a looks person—I don’t know if you noticed over the years,” she said. MARC ANTHONY, YA BURNT.


She went on to clarify that good looks don’t always equal sex appeal, and that she personally thought all her former loves were hot, blah blah.  Having fallen victim to the Feo Sexy phenomenon myself, I get it.

Still, it’s pretty funny to hear her subtly acknowledge what we all know to be true: Marc Anthony sings like an angel but kind of looks like Skeletor. I eagerly await the ruling on J Lo’s comments in Shade Court.