Jackson Heights Film and Food Festival

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It’s tough being any borough aside from Manhattan. That’s (supposedly) where everything happens and what people associate with New York in general. Still, Brooklyn is not a shabby number two — even Sex in the City called it “the new Manhattan.”

But Queens? If Manhattan is the adorable baby of the family, then Queens is the red-headed stepchild. Despite being home to some of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the world, Queens hardly receives the recognition it deserves for its eclectic  cultural and culinary offerings.

Well, no more. Manhattan and Brooklyn may have their share of big film festivals and restaurant weeks, but Queens–specifically Jackson Heights–has the The Jackson Heights Film and Food Festival (JHFFF), which kicks off its third annual installment tomorrow.

The festival, which runs from September 13-21, is put on by the non-profit organization Community Journal, which aims to build ties in the community (a diverse mix of Latinos – Colombians, Peruvians, Mexicans, Ecuadorians, Bolivians, Argentines, and Uruguayans – along with East Indians, Asian Americans and multi-generational Europeans) and jumpstart the area as a destination for quality film, art, and culture.

It looks like they’re well on their way, with the Taste portion including small plates from the best Indian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Cuban, Greek, Italian, and Latin American restaurants in Jackson Heights. Visit the JHFFF website for a list of participating restaurants.

The Film portion promises to be a “celebration of diversity and common experience” with eleven internationally acclaimed (yet locally relevant) films, among them Chop Shop and Sangre de mi Sangre. The first screening is at 8 p.m. on September 18th for $10. For a full list of films, check Remezcla CINE listings.

Plus, there’s a Kids component with 14 international short films that’ll appeal to the young ‘uns.

Come on, it’s not that far away…. Jump on the 7 (or E or F…. or R or G or V….) and head to the JH for a little more than your typical dinner and a movie.