Jailed Brazilian Mayor Proves El Chapo’s Tunnel Escape Doesn’t Work for Everyone

If you needed more proof that El Chapo’s tunnel escape from a high-security prison in Mexico is hard to do, then you can take Maycon Souza da Silva’s word. Brazilian da Silva attempted to escape the Prisión Estatal de Alcaçuzla through El Chapo’s preferred method, but he got stuck after the tunnel collapsed, according to O Globo. Unfortunately for da Silva, his fail was recorded for everyone to watch on the Interwebs, so he was doubly embarrassed in the process. Also, his accomplice, 23-year-old Rafael da Silva Costa, was caught a few hours later.

Maybe if da Silva had managed to escape, his family members could have spent their time trolling Twitter. El Chapo’s son, Alfredo Guzmán, reportedly sent DEA on a short wild goose chase when he posted a picture with someone who looked like his dad. He hid the man’s identity through giant emojis, feeding the speculation, but the mustachioed man turned out to be someone else.