James Franco: Such A Drag On Candy Magazine

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Above, actor/writer/artist/grad school snoozer James Franco poses for the second edition of Candy Magazine dressed in drag and caked with makeup. The photos were created by legendary — and controversial — VICE photographer Terry Richardson, whom we love/hate because he takes over our Tumblr dashboard up to three pages deep, everyday. His work, although consistently lurid, is a fascinating look into the surreal world of celebrity and exoticism, something we just can’t get enough of these days.

Madrid-based independent publisher, and cult magazine creator, Luis Venegas launched Candy Magazine in the Summer of 2010, making a splash by releasing — in his words — “the first fashion magazine ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations.” In the wake of publishers wincing at the thought of pumping more money into print, Venegas is taking the bold stance that he’s going to create a progressive publication because it’s necessary. And, quite frankly, a glossy of this nature is exactly the type of publication we like to see: daring, passionate, and totally collectible!

As for Luis Venegas, we have to applaud a guy who, at 30, unleashed a “publication that pushes people to take on the persona of what they always wanted to be.” Word. We want to be professional music-listeners and paid bacon-eaters. For a living.

Candy Magazine is releasing their Fall issue on October 24th, with only 1000 copies available to the general public. Let us know if you snag a copy!