Jarritos in a Stick

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Blistex took an unexpected jump on the Latino novelty product bandwagon by introducing a Jarritos chapstick. We were collectively excited and a little ashamed to receive this product whose slogan was “Refresca Tus Labios”. If I recall correctly, I’ve never before needed Blistex’s help in freshening any part of my body.

However, unlike many brands who have recently marketed to this particular demographic with disappointing and often embarrassing outcomes (I’m looking at you, artificially lime flavored beer manufacturers), this Mandarina concoction actually tastes as good as it smells. There even seems to be a hint of carbonation in the taste.

Since this product appears to be found nowhere on the Blistex website it may be safe to assume not everyone was as intrigued by this product. Who else out there will forever await a Tamarindo flavored chapstick?