Jeb Bush is Selling an Overpriced Molcajete Called a “Guaca Bowle”

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Jeb Bush continues to get in touch with his (wife’s) Latinidad. After launching his campaign store on Wednesday, one item stood out against the rest. Among the tees, hats, and stickers, Jeb was selling a molcajete. Only he called it a Guaca Bowle, and it costs $75, which is kind of insane and as out of touch as Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop website. You can buy one on Amazon for like 20ish bucks, or just make it in any bowl, or you can buy a case of them for $35. But, if you feel compelled to buy a Guaca Bowle, there’s currently a 10 percent off sale. And a possible three-week waiting period until it ships.

Here’s how Twitter reacted: