Jenna Ortega Collaborating With Adidas on Something the Brand Hasn’t Done in 50 Years

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Adidas
Courtesy of Adidas
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Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) has joined Team Adidas. Her love for the brand, she said, “is one that goes back years.” Now, Ortega will be the face of an all-new Adidas label, which is something Adidas hasn’t marketed in half a century.

“It’s always had such a presence in sport, music, and culture and continues to be an innovator in so many ways,” Ortega said in a statement. “Growing up for me, it always had to be Adidas sneakers and tees as the go-to. To this day, so much of my wardrobe is made up of the iconic three stripes. I feel so honored to become a part of this legendary family of changemakers and be the face of its all-new label. Can’t wait to show you guys.”

Brian Grevy, Adidas executive board member said that with Ortega on the team, they “can push the boundaries in both sport and culture.” They look forward to unveiling what the full partnership entails very soon.

“A progressive and passionate next-generation pioneer that is making waves across the globe, [Jenna’s] fresh and creative way of thinking is what we, as a brand, found ourselves on and continue to be inspired by,” Grevy said.

Ortega’s tweet about her new collaboration with Adidas quickly broke into the top 10 of her most-liked tweets on her account of all time. “Thank you for having me!” she wrote alongside a photo of herself wearing Adidas gear.

Maybe there can be some cross-promotion, so we can see Wednesday sporting some Adidas sneakers by Jenna Ortega next season.