Jenni Rivera, Can She Rest?

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Like many, we were saddened to hear about the tragic news regarding of “La Diva de la Banda” Jenni Rivera. Mexican authorities announced that they found the wreckage of Rivera‘s plane Sunday night, as she was traveling between Monterrey and DF for a shoot. Today, news sources are confirming her death.  Leaving behind five children, she was both loved by her family and her fans alike. Comments and condolences are pouring over her Facebook fan page as I type.

Then there are the fans who take their grief one step too far.  Her story has been developing for two days, and Remezcla has already managed to stumble upon something close to a “conspiracy” theory about the singer’s death. Exhibit A: This image, courtesy of our Dominican-Diaries author Joel Moya, testifies to the possibility of Jenni’s disappearance being caused by a kidnap.

Some twitteros, however, were concerned with the fact that during Rivera’s last performance in Monterrey the night before, her stage was shaped like a cross. Tweets saying that “Her death was planned” because of the stage, her wardrobe, and the last song she performed received many re-tweets. An omen or a sign of Twitter frantics?

And speaking of Twittero, there’s the image circulating of Rivera’s “Last Tweet,” saying in all caps that she was alive and in need of help. Allegedly the tweet was removed immediately after.

But before I ran to my twitter to caps-lock yell: STOP, EVERYONE, ITS A CONSPIRACY, SHES ALIVE…Univisión came through clear and concise with an extensive piece about the investigation. I always find it bizarre when conspiracy theories rise about performer’s deaths. Like, was anyone else linking Jenni Rivera to Mexican Cartels before the accident? Then why did one of the first tweets about her disappearance outright blame the cartels?

Exhibits and assumptions aside, Jenni Rivera’s death is a tragedy and she will be missed for the great performer she was.