Stepping out into the world as a celebrity must be exhausting. But while many of us will never understand what it’s like to appear in public as a famous person, one woman is getting a crash course into the glittering life of a star due to her likeness to Jennifer Lopez. Connie Peña is a Mexican-Peruvian woman who could take first in a J.Lo lookalike contest. People often confuse her for Jenny From the Block, and she claims she’s even had to hire bodyguards to keep fans at bay.

Connie does play up the resemblance by wearing her hair in J.Lo’s signature honey brown coloring and donning bedazzled jumpsuit (a Jenny fave), and she also poses with Lopez’s fans. “J.Lo, I love you, I adore you, but oh my God girl, your life is chaotic,” she told Univision.

Now, Connie – who also sings and dances – is preparing to pay tribute to J.Lo.

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