Trevor Noah Quizzed JLo to See If She’s Still Jenny from the Block

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When Jennifer Lopez appeared on The Daily Show With Trevor Noah earlier this week, many headlines focused on her finally clarifying her and Drake’s relationship. (They’re not dating, but you probably already know that since she’s now reportedly one half of J. Rod.) But really, the most interesting thing that came out of the interview is J. Lo trying to answer questions about her hometown, New York City. After discussing her TV show Shades of Blue and explaining that she still feels incredulous about all of her success, Noah gave J. Lo an impromptu quiz. “Are you still Jenny from the Block?” Noah asked. “We say that, and everyone I’ve met [says] ‘Jennifer Lopez is the nicest person.’ And you genuinely are one of the nicest people ever. Like are you still Jenny from the Block? Do you still roll with New York?”

Shades of Blue brings J. Lo back to NYC for about half the year, so she says she’s not completely out of the loop. But Noah’s first question really puzzled her. “Do you even know how much a subway ticket costs?” Noah said. She immediately laughs and explains that she started to ride the subway when it cost 50 cents – meaning sometime between September 1, 1975 and June 28, 1980. But she admits that the last time she rode the subway, the fare was $1.75, so sometime in the late 90s.

The audience members shouted $2.75 – the subway’s actual cost today – at her. “That’s fucking crazy,” she said, looking directly at the audience. “We need to protest this.”

Noah then gave her a chance to redeem herself. He asked her about the 6 train, which is famously name dropped on her debut album, On the 6. The South African host asked her to name the last stop on the line. “Come on, this is easy. The Brooklyn Bridge,” she said. “And Pelham Bay on my side on the Bronx. I got off at Castle Hill.”

So her NYC knowledge is lacking, but she still remembers. Check out the entire interview here.

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