Jesse Williams’ Visibility Media Launches Gaming App Celebrating Latinx Culture

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Actor Jesse Williams, known for his role on Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Jackson Avery, is also an entrepreneur and an activist. Williams has further married both latter roles for his newest venture, Ya Tú Sabes, launched by Williams’ Visibility Media company.

Ya Tú Sabes is a new app that celebrates popular Latinx culture through trivia. Described as a charades-inspired game, Ya Tú Sabes has over 20 themes to play. Some of the categories are music, sports, countries, and there’s new ones added weekly. The gaming app will test users’ knowledge on a full range of categories that emphasize Latinx culture. Whatsmore, it is meant to provide users with another form of interactive fun with friends and family.

Williams, when speaking about the app to AfroTech said, “Our vision is simply to develop and produce content to media that’s inclusive and actually representative of cultures that we value and see ourselves in.” He went on to say, “We spend so much time as Black and brown folks kind of fitting ourselves into white culture and seeing ourselves through their characters, storylines, and lens, it’s just nice to feel included.”

The desire to have entertainment of any kind be representative of Latinx culture is very much there. Ya Tú Sabes is catering to that desire and hoping that its success will translate to more diverse options for all. Authenticity was important, so much so that the game is developed by Latinos from all over the entertainment industry for Latinos.

Williams is not a newcomer in the app game world. Under his Visibility Media Company he also created and launched the self described ‘Blackest trivia game ever,’ BLeBRITY. Ya Tú Sabes is the second such app focused on minority life and pop culture.

Ya Tú Sabes is free to download, and does have a paid option available. It is available for both iPhone and Android.