I Love You, Now Morph Into Jessica Alba

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So who’s excited about Valentine’s Day say “Yo!”? *silence*.

How far would you go to look just like your favorite Hollywood star? Just ask Chinese 21-year old Xiaoqing who has revealed she will go under the knife to look just like our belleza latina Jessica Alba. According to Guanabee, apparently in the efforts of getting her ex-boyfriend back she will try to look like the object of his obsession. Yes, you read right, the adorable goof is crushing on Alba.

This loca woman reportedly said her boyfriend never asked her to go for surgery but allegedly told her how he wished she looked like Jess, buying her a nice blond wig for her to wear. Marriage material, per se? Now, the Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital has agreed to proceed with the several surgeries she will need free of charge in order to achieve  showcase of their work.

What does Alba have to say to this? She was far beyond flattered. On Saturday she stated she is feeling distressed towards the reports of this Chinese woman trying to look like her.

Where are the men who love their women as they are? Ooh, cupid!

(Picture: courtesy of Guanabee)