Jet FUNK? BAILE blue?

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Do these guys look familiar?  If you like to get crunk to baile funk, then maybeeeee.  But if you fly NYC-Miami (or NYC-PR, whatever….), maybe not so much.  So what are they doing on the JetBlue website?  Who cares?!?!  Super-frequent flyers?  Jet set (pronounced jetchy setchy in Portuguese, n’e?)?  Perhaps they look "cool" and "tropical" and maybe, dare we say (gasp) "exotic"?  Whatever it is, (again) who cares, there they are, and we want to be there too!!!  Jet Blue, if you’re reading, C-L-A-I-R-E F-R-I-S-B-I-E.  Thanksssss.

In case they don’t look familiar, (adorable) DJs Sujinho and Cassiano of Nossa throw some of the dirtiest, sweatiest parties in the city, mixing Brazilian baile funk with crunk, hip hop, dancehall, and all things nastaaaay.  Once at Joes Pub, they’ve moved around a bit, and now are housed at Plan B in the East Village.

Check out the Nossa website (actually a t-shirt company) here

….and befriend ’em all on MySpace: Sujinho, Cassiano, Nossa ……

Next time you see them say, "Heeeey, aren’t you the guys from the Jet Blue website?" and ask for an autograph….