Jimmy Fallon Preached the Gospel of Coquito on ‘The Tonight Show’

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With all the deep cultural rifts opening up in these divided states of America, nothing turns mother against child, brother against brother, quite like holiday food traditions. Fruit cake? Take it outside. Cheese balls? Not in my home. But perhaps no Christmas treat can divide a house like eggnog. Thick, frothy, and spicy with a touch of tang, more than a few detractors are revolted by its slimy texture and slightly rotten stench.

And this plurality of passionate dissent now has a high-profile champion in Brian Cranston, who recently took to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to spread the message of eggnog non-believers. At least, Fallon gave him a platform to preach when a pop quiz asked for a thumbs up or down on eggnog. Overtaken by an expression of disgust, Cranston took to polling the audience, which – much to Cranston’s dismay – barely sided with the creamy holiday beverage.

But Fallon was quick to offer Cranston an appealing alternative, and whipping out his best Spanish accent, he declared: “How about… do you know about coquito?” While he described the drink as “Puerto Rican eggnog,” Fallon didn’t get into the nitty gritty of coquito’s mystical coconut-based recipe, but apparently this description was enough to get a curious nod out of Cranston, who suggested he would be open to trying it – if only just “un coquito” (this was a play off “poquito,” in case you don’t get Gringo humor.)

Of course, we’re overjoyed that our traditional Christmas brews are getting such high profile cosigns – just don’t come around and columbus our shit, amirite?

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