JLo Cover Story Includes Rare Quotes From Her Exes Ben Affleck & Marc Anthony & More in Today’s News

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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    Here’s your glimpse at what’s going on today:

  • Fully vaccinated people are at low-risk from traveling, according to updated CDC guidelines. The update comes as new studies continue to show the real-world effectiveness of vaccines. The CDC still advises against travel due to rising COVID-19 cases in the United States as well as in the rest of the world. [WaPo]
  • Argentina’s president Alberto Fernández tested positive for coronavirus on Saturday despite being fully vaccinated. Fernández said he is in good spirits with mild symptoms, which he credits to the vaccine. Fernández received his second dose of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine on February 11th. [NYT]
  • Anthony Fauci has received criticism he calls “bizarre,” from several high-profile Republican, including Senator Lindsey Graham, who called on him to visit the U.S.-Mexico border to witness the nation’s “biggest super spreader event.” Fauci says he has nothing to do with the border, and is busy “trying to preserve the health and safety of the American people that I cannot be bothered with getting distracted with these people that are doing ad hominems.” [WaPo]
  • Chile has largely closed its borders despite having one of the leading vaccination campaigns in Latin America. New measures say even Chilean citizens would be unable to come and go during April and essential goods truck drivers would have to present a negative COVID-19 test. Over a third of Chile’s population has been vaccinated in less than two months, but officials are reporting hospitalizations are up and 96% of ventilators are occupied. [AP]
  • Florida crews are working to prevent a “catastrophic” wastewater pond collapse in Manatee County that has the potential to release 340 million gallons of water in minutes. Authorities have closed off highway portions and have ordered evacuations for 316 homes and a local jail with 345 inmates. Florida’s department of Environment Protection says the water is mainly wastewater and stormwater containing elevated levels of acidity but is not toxic. [AP]
  • Jennifer Lopez is on the May cover of InStyle magazine. The oral history-style article includes JLo’s own view of her career and work ethic, as well as personal insight from her exes Ben Affleck and Marc Anthony. [InStyle]
  • In a voice tweet on Monday, Cardi B described the story of recording “Um Yeah” with Offset, the couple’s first collaboration from back in 2017. Cardi said she did not want to share a “weird, fake a– romantic, awkward story” before launching into the details of the song that kicked off their relationship. [Billboard]