JLo Gets Asked About Ben Affleck Divorce Rumors — & It Goes Wrong

Lead Photo: Photo by Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images.
Photo by Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images.
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Following rumors of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s divorce, JLo appeared at a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico (May 22), promoting her latest Netflix film Atlas. While the conference was to focus on Atlas, not every question surrounded the topic.

During the media conference, reporters had the opportunity to ask the Atlas stars, Simu Liu and Lopez, about the upcoming movie. However, a reporter instead asked about what’s been on the tabloids lately—and that seemingly sat poorly with the co-stars.


En su visita a México por la premier de Atlas, JLo fue cuestionada sobre su divorcio 🤷🏻‍♀️ #fy #paratii #chismestiktok #chismesito #premier #JLO #divorcio #benaffleck #jenniferlopez

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“Your divorce with Ben Affleck is real? These rumors?” the reporter asked. Before she answered, Liu stepped in and said: “OK, we’re not doing that. Thank you so much; we really appreciate it.” Lopez then said: “You know better than that.” Lui follows up by telling the reporter not to come with that “energy.” 

In the same clip, Liu praises JLo for being a producer in the movie. He said: “Jen is a producer on this movie, and the reason why I am here and why Sterling [K. Brown] was in this beautiful movie is because Jen cares. And Jen cares about things like representation and diversity, and she’s a boss.”

The video also shows how Lopez points out in Spanish: “Nobody asked me anything in Spanish, but OK,” before she exits the conference.

Rumors of Lopez and Affleck divorcing have been in the tabloids since last week (May 15). Although nothing is confirmed, media outlets speculate that the two are headed for a divorce. 

Affleck has yet to speak out publicly about the rumors.

Atlas is out tomorrow (May 24) via Netflix.