This Corpus Christi Teen Took His Mom to Prom Because She Wasn’t Able to Go to Her Own

Lead Photo: Photo by Pamela Hennessey / FOAP
Photo by Pamela Hennessey / FOAP
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With many students gearing up for prom, we’re bound to see many heartwarming stories about the high school rite of passage. But few will touch your heart as much as Joe Moreno’s tale. Joe, an 18-year-old from Corpus Christi, took his mom to prom as his date. “My mom had me at the age of 17,” he wrote. “She dropped out of high school to focus on giving me her all. Last night, I gave her the prom night she never had.” In the accompanying images, Joe and his mom, Vanessa, are all smiles.

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Since schools don’t typically allow high schoolers to bring adults of certain ages to prom, Joe had to ask his school for permission.

Joe has planned to bring his mom to prom for years. “I’ve planned on taking my mother to prom since I first heard what prom was,” he tells Remezcla. “She was really excited and emotional when the dance came. I just loved having the opportunity to do something special for my mom. I was truly happy I did that for her.”

Since sharing that first tweet, more than 140,000 people have liked it and more than 22,000 have retweeted it. Here’s hoping he’s successfully able to get Drake’s and Ellen DeGeneres’ attention.