John Oliver Destroys Donald Trump and His Proposed Border Wall In 20-Minute Segment

For the past nine months, Donald Trump has run his campaign based mostly on lies and unrealistic promises – like his promise to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants and force Mexico to pay for a wall at the border. His hateful rhetoric has made him the Republican frontrunner, and he’s gained nonstop media attention, bolstered by appearances on late-night talk shows and Saturday Night Live. John Oliver, however, has tried to stay away from the Trump circus, going as far as not giving him any attention last year.

But now that the threat of Trump winning the Republican nomination is very real, Oliver has spent two different episodes exposing the candidate’s ridiculousness. On Sunday, he dedicated 20 minutes to unpacking Trump’s statements on the wall, pointing out the numerous inconsistencies and inaccuracies (in span of nine months, for example, the wall’s price has gone from as low as $4 billion to as high as $12 billion.) Oliver added that The Washington Post actually did the math, and the wall would cost $25 billion – double Trump’s final estimate.

Unlike Trump, Oliver uses facts and logic to explain why the wall would be difficult to make a reality. For example, the Rio Grande – which runs along a large part of the U.S.-Mexico border – cannot be obstructed because of a 1970 treaty. Surely, Trump has some words for Oliver, but they certainly won’t be anywhere near as eloquent or you know, true.

Check out the video of him above, and you want to see more people beat up on Trump, check out Elizabeth Warren’s takedown of the presidential candidate on Twitter.