"Self Deportation is a Really, Really Bad Idea": Jorge Ramos On Colbert Report Last Night

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Last night my crush Jorge Ramos appeared on The Colbert Report to talk about the upcoming elections, immigration policy, and the contributions that immigrants have made to this country. Some highlights include the following:

This exchange:

Jorge Ramos: Usually you use “Hispanic” for those who are on the East Coast, and “Latino” for the West Coast, but it really doesn’t matter.
Stephen Colbert: So it’s like an East Coast/West Coast kind of gang thing.
Jorge Ramos: Yeah, exactly.

This exchange on why Mitt Romney appeared so tanned on Univision as compared to a photo taken two days earlier:

Jorge Ramos: But remember, he spent two days campaigning in Florida, so that changes everything.
Stephen Colbert: He spent two days campaigning apparently in a nuclear reactor.

This exchange on whether undocumented immigrants are criminals:

Stephen Colbert: They are criminals, they broke the law. You know what the law is. They broke the law; you break the law, you’re a criminal.
Jorge Ramos: But at the same time, there are millions of Americans who benefit from their work, and there are thousands of American companies who hire them, and you don’t call them illegal. So we have to talk about co-responsibility here. Yes they are here, but they are here because we are hiring them and we benefit from their work.
Stephen Colbert: [Pause]. Look, I don’t have a comeback for that, so we’re probably going to edit it out of the interview if that’s okay with you.

For more of the gems that Jorge Ramos dropped, check out the full interview below:

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