As the Trump Administration aims to drive a wedge between Mexico and the United States, French artist JR is using his craft to highlight the relationship between the two. A few weeks ago, he erected a large-scale image of a boy on the Mexico side of the border. The young child dwarfed the border, showing the triviality of the giant structure that separates the two countries. JR kicked off this week by once again aiming to deconstruct the border. This time his weapon of choice was a picnic.

Titled The Giant Picnic, JR created a long picnic table. A pair of eyes – one on each side – accentuates the table and represents “the eyes of the dreamer.” The installation is supposed to make those seated at the picnic table forget, even if just for a minute, that the wall exists, according to i-D. “People eating the same food,” he said, “sharing the same water, enjoying the same music, around the eye of a dreamer… we forgot the wall for a minute …”

Check out a few images and videos from the powerful installation below:

H/T i-D