Juan Bago & O just dropped three videos at the same damn time

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Last night was the opening of the New York International Latino Film Festival down in Chelsea, but way Uptown at Washington Heights’ Dyckman Bar, Juan Bago & O were holding a premiere of their own. It was time for them to drop three whole music videos, and they did it in style. (My wallet’s still recovering…) The songs – “Vivaporu,” “Hooked on Hookah,” and “Quisqueya” – might be the duo’s best work yet.

While “Vivaporu” is similar to their other work – a straight up parody of a Kanye song and an ode to Vick’s (with a shout out to Remezcla at about 2:08)…

…the next video, “Hooked on Hookah” is kind of a banger. Close your eyes and don’t listen too much to the lyrics – now tell me with a straight face you wouldn’t perreo to this in a club.

Also: I want a backpack hookah rig.

My favorite by far, though, is “Quisqueya,” a loving tribute to all things Uptown and a pastiche of everything going on in Dominican music right now.