Juan Hernández Wins Lottery Worth Millions, Again

Lead Photo: Credit: Maskot
Credit: Maskot
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To say that luck is on Juan Hernández’s side is an understatement. The New York man won a $10 million prize for the second time in three years playing the lottery.

Hernández won both prizes playing scratch-off tickets. His recent win came from a $10 million Deluxe ticket, which cost him $30 to purchase. According to the New York Lottery website, there are three remaining grand prize tickets out there to claim.

The first time Hernández won the $10 million jackpot was in 2019. He told lottery officials last week that he is “still trying to spend the $10 million” from his win three years ago, which pocketed him $6,510,000 because he chose to collect his winnings in a single lump-sum payment.

According to the New York Lottery, the odds of winning the top prize playing the Deluxe scratch-off ticket once is 1 in 3,521,600, so imagine the luck someone one would have to have to win twice. Normally, when someone has that kind of luck, people tell them to go out and buy a lottery ticket, but it seems like Hernández beat us to the punch. Maybe he’ll go for a trifecta.

Although winning a big prize in the lottery twice is extremely rare, it has happened before. According to CNN, a Maryland man won a $2 million lottery jackpot in October 2021 for the second time. Another man from South Carolina won $3 million a few days after collecting a $40,000 prize. And that’s not even taking into account Antulio Mazariegos who won the lottery 4 times in the span of 6 months.