Sea-nymph Phone Call to Juan Son on MTVLA

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This morning’s pick-me-up was watching Juan Son’s promo videos for MTV Latin America (MTVLA), which brought an instant high to the Remezcla office. If you’re familiar with Son’s album Mermaid Sashimi, and you’ve seen his goth pirate pics, and you’ve witnessed his concert crab costume…then you know the guy has a thing for water. He definitely fancies creatures of the sea and pirate culture, so needless to say, it wasn’t a surprise to see this series of sea-set promo videos with a slightly weathered-looking sirena calling him on the phone!

If you haven’t taken a listen to Son before, do so NOW. His sound is an eclectic pop mix of Björk and Superaquello with the melodic, yet somber vocals of Sigur Rós. Click below for the weirdness.

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