Julián Castro – once a potential vice presidential pick for Hillary Clinton – has his eyes set on the 2020 presidential election. The Mexican-American politician, who formerly served as the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and as the Mayor of San Antonio, will headline the New Hampshire Young Democrats 2018 Granite Slate Awards Dinner. This could potentially set him up for a run at the White House. New Hampshire is important as it is the first state to hold primary elections.

“I have every interest in running” in 2020 for president, 43-year-old Castro told NBC News. “Part of the process of figuring out whether I’m going to run is going to listen to folks and feel the temperature of voters.”

Castro also launched the Opportunity First political action committee this year to get more Democratic candidates elected. “I’m going to spend my time in 2018 making sure that great young progressive candidates get elected,” he said, adding that Trump is a motivator. “…This guy is taking the country in the completely wrong direction, and he’s hurting people while he’s doing it. I have a completely different vision for the country and this seems like an important moment to turn things around.”