Not only did Julián Castro have a strong performance on the first night of the Democratic debates that took place in Miami, he also ended the night with a memorable sound bite: “We will say adiós to Donald Trump.” Online, the words, which went wildly viral, were shortened to “Adiós, Trump.” Now, they are a part of Castro’s official brand.

The moment came at the end of the night when candidates were asked for their closing statements. Castro said, “Like many of you I know the promise of America. My grandmother came here when she was seven years old as an immigrant from Mexico and just two generations later one of her grandsons is serving the United States Congress and the other one is running for President of the United States. If I’m elected President I will work hard every single day so that you and your family can get good healthcare, your child can get a good education and you can have good job opportunities whether you live in a big city or a small town. And on January 20, 2021, we will say adiós to Donald Trump.”

After the debate, Castro began selling shirts with the “Adiós Trump” slogan.

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The tees come in navy and white. You can purchase here.