Julieta Venegas Trips Out in New Video

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Julieta Venegas just premiered hew new video for “Bien o Mal”, and we have to say that both song and video complement each other in a way that you know is Julieta‘s distinctive style.

“Bien o Mal” is the first single on her anticipated new album Otra Cosa due March 16 2010, around a year after she enclosed herself inside her home to write new songs. Then in Buenos Aires she got together with Adrian Dargelos (Babasónicos) and Ale Sergi (Miranda) to compose more songs, one of which is “Bien o Mal”, with Sergi appearing in the chorus.

The video, directed by Agustin Alberdi (Babasonicos) is totally psychedelic, girls eating flowers, butterflies coming from unknown places, the question “Chicas Extrañas, Pueden Casarse, Tener Hijos, Ser Felices?” (“Strange girls, can get married, have children, be happy?”) at the beginning, an a cappella Julieta at the end… do we need to say more?

And without further ado, here’s the video for “Bien o Mal”. Enjoy!