Julieta Venegas Sings for Diego Luna's Abel

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You probably heard murmurs that Mexican mainstay Diego Luna debuted his director chops at the Sundance Film Festival with the sweet coming-of-age, bizarro story Abel. But now the film has a titular sound by a fellow native: Julieta Venegas. Venegas has written a track of the same name for Luna’s film, which follows a young boy who has psychologically convinced himself he’s the resident father figure. This could either be really cute or really weird. Veremos.

The song is a great addition. The melody and simple instrumentation chime with childlike wonder. Venegas lingers on whimsical and droney delivery, perfectly fit for a movie tackling reality and fantasy.

The film also screened at the Cannes Film Festival this month. For now, soak in Venegas’ song and check out the Abel trailer.

Official Trailer ABEL from Showbeast MktgServices on Vimeo.