Julieta Venegas Unplugged

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As we reported a little while back, Julieta Venegas recorded an Unplugged a few months ago in Mexico City, and if you have MTV Tr3s, you DEFINITELY know this, ’cause they’ve been pushing it like crazy.  Well, they finally aired the show on Thursday night, and have been repeating it all weekend long …and we’re smitten. 

We’ve always been Julieta fans, but had kinda gotten sick of her with Limón y Sal and all. Julieta overload, quizás? Well, we’re back in love with her…. this Unplugged is absolutely beautiful…. Julieta’s much to credit, but she also worked out some amazing collaborations (our favorite: with the amazing Marisa Monte–others include Juan Son, Gustavo Santaolalla, Mala Rodriguez…), and has a huge orchestra backing her up (with Ceci Bastida on piano, and Natalia Lafourcade on all sorts of weird instruments). 

It’s just lovely.  Julieta, we love you plugged and unplugged. The proof (and for those of you sin cable):

Julieta with brasileira Marisa Monte, singing “La Ilusión”:

Ed. note: we’d had the actual video up before, but it seems like Sony or MTV or someone is taking down all the good Unplugged videos from YouTube. Boo! So no video, just the song… still beautiful!]

Awesome “De Mis Pasos” rendition with Juan Son (of Porter):